Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Seeking partnership with graphic artists and designers

HybridWeb, Inc. is seeking graphic artists and designers to partner with for business development. Our company was founded by Tony Coolidge, who was a graphic artist since 1984. Our company's growth and success has been the most meaningful and rewarding when we have worked together with design professionals to grow their businesses. From our experience and success with the, we have developed a mutually-beneficial system of business development support called the Graphic Artist Partnership.

First, we provide you the best web site and Internet tools available to attract new customers, and depending on the extent of your partnership, these services we provide to you can be free. And your customers are YOUR customers. We don't want to take your customers from you. They work directly with you. You don't need to risk your clients going to another web site designer, who may take your design business away from you.

Second, we train you, so you can be knowledgable about web services and Internet marketing. In a short time, you become an expert on the new services, so you can offer them as your own. We will adjust your web site to reflect your new services. Your design company can become a full-service agency. We become your web services team.

Our graphic artists actually made more money from the web services we provide than their print design work. Their revenue growth from their partnership became substantial. We are currently seeking graphic artists and design partners in different regions of the USA to exclusively represent their region.

If you are willing to explore the possibility of partnership, please visit our web site or contact us via e-mail.

HybridWeb Tip #5: CSS Responsive Mobile Friendly Sites

Having web sites that are Responsive for mobile platforms (having CSS code to make the web site adjustable for PC's, tablets and smart phones) has become more important than ever. From our experience, if your web site is not adjusting to be easy to read and navigate on smart phones and tablets, you may be losing 15%-25% of your web site traffic.

That, in itself, is enough reason for most companies to invest a little extra money in a CSS Responsive web site. However, search engines like Google are notifying their users that if their web site is NOT CSS Responsive, they will receive a lower preference for their search engine rankings.

If you have any other questions or seek advice, just send us an e-mail.

Friday, October 14, 2016

HybridWeb Tip #4: Domain names with keywords in them

Buy a domain name that has important keywords in it to help the web site show up higher in search engines. For example, if you are a graphic artist, buying should attract more searches than something like When planning your own web site, think in terms of keywords and search terms. These terms are what people will be typing to find you. Having domain names with key search terms in them gives web sites a huge boost in the eyes of search engines.

If you have any other questions or seek advice, just send us an e-mail.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

HybridWeb Tip #3: Header tags

For businesses who have web sites: If you want to show up higher in search engines, take advantage of the header tags <h1>, <h2>, etc. Make your web site 'juicy' to search engines by including your important key words and key phrases that may be used as search terms in these Headers of your html code.

If you want any advice on growing your web site traffic, please contact us.

Friday, September 2, 2016

HybridWeb Tip #2: Relevant external links

For businesses who have web sites: If you want to show up higher in search engines, get other web sites to link to your web site's home page. Getting more web sites to link to you is important, but getting web sites related to your services or products will be even more helpful to you. Search engines look for how many web pages related to the search term (keyword) are linked to your web site. It keeps track and uses this information to decide your web site's relevance. This determines your ranking in the search engine. How do you get more links back to your web site home page? Have a blog with a link to your site. Also, ask your clients to have a link to your web page on their web site, and you can return the favor.

Friday, May 27, 2016

HybridWeb Tip #1: Incorporate videos on your web site home page

As the saying goes, a "photo us worth a thousand words, but a video is worth its weight in SEO gold." With short attention spans, web site visitors are more likely to view an introduction video than read the text content on your web page. As if this wasn't enough reason to include an introduction video in your web site development and marketing strategy, putting a video on your web site, especially on the home page, is critical for your web site's search engine optimization (SEO).

Search engines, like Google, actually measure the time visitors spend on your web pages as a determination on the importance or relevance of web site. This measurement is especially important on your web site's home page. Videos will capture the attention of visitors, and keep them on the page longer.

Another important aspect of your video, is that your YouTube videos can also attract search engine traffic, especially if your video is prepared well to be indexed by the search engines. Once people find your YouTube video on the search engines and visit the video, they can often find a link to your web site from there. Important tips for optimizing your YouTube video include:

1) Research key words and phrases before naming your video
2) Give your video a filename that includes descriptive key words.
3) Title your video with the important key words.
4) Don't forget to tag your video with the important key words.
5) Post the video into the most relevant YouTube category.
6) Add other relevant video content in your YouTube Channel.
7) Use closed captioning feature, which lets you add more text that search engines can index.

The staff of HybridWeb, Inc. has been providing effective web development and Internet marketing solutions since 1995 for companies of all sizes. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Purpose of the blog

The purpose of the HybridWeb Help Center is to provide sound advice and tips on maximizing the value of your web site presence. Generally, the value of a web presence is determined by the following factors.

1) Effectiveness of your web site to convey and disseminate your message.
2) The ability of your web site and online marketing to support the perceived value of your brand.
3) The ability of your web site and online marketing to reach viewers.
4) The effectiveness of your online message to persuade viewers to take measurable action or to become customers.
5) The reach and interactive abilities of your social networks and online marketing to bring people to your web site.

Check back frequently to gain valuable insights provided by the staff of HybridWeb, Inc for its customers and partners. We have been providing our web development and marketing expertise since 1995. Please contact us with any questions, suggestions or advice. Thank you!