Friday, May 27, 2016

HybridWeb Tip #1: Incorporate videos on your web site home page

As the saying goes, a "photo us worth a thousand words, but a video is worth its weight in SEO gold." With short attention spans, web site visitors are more likely to view an introduction video than read the text content on your web page. As if this wasn't enough reason to include an introduction video in your web site development and marketing strategy, putting a video on your web site, especially on the home page, is critical for your web site's search engine optimization (SEO).

Search engines, like Google, actually measure the time visitors spend on your web pages as a determination on the importance or relevance of web site. This measurement is especially important on your web site's home page. Videos will capture the attention of visitors, and keep them on the page longer.

Another important aspect of your video, is that your YouTube videos can also attract search engine traffic, especially if your video is prepared well to be indexed by the search engines. Once people find your YouTube video on the search engines and visit the video, they can often find a link to your web site from there. Important tips for optimizing your YouTube video include:

1) Research key words and phrases before naming your video
2) Give your video a filename that includes descriptive key words.
3) Title your video with the important key words.
4) Don't forget to tag your video with the important key words.
5) Post the video into the most relevant YouTube category.
6) Add other relevant video content in your YouTube Channel.
7) Use closed captioning feature, which lets you add more text that search engines can index.

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